What is covers

What does it cover?

Most current building insurance doesn't cover the timber damage that termites cause. Most policies, if not all, exclude this. 

Once your approved termite management system is installed you can apply for a TimberSecure termite insurance policy:

  • For a period of five years from the installation date of your approved termite management system.
  • Covers structural and decorative timber repairs or replacement, up to the value of $100,000, for any new termite damage.
  • You pay no excess.
  • If your home is sold the insurance policy is fully transferable to the new owners (an administration fee is applicable to the new owner).
  • Regular inspections of your home are required as per our recommendations.

If termites enter your home and cause timber damage during the insurance period, your TimberSecure insurance policy will cover all structural & decorative timber repairs or replacement, up to the value of $100,000*.  And, you don't have to pay an excess!

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Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) & Financial Services Guide (FSG) for a full list of inclusions under this policy.

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