Have you found termites?


Finding termites in your house or property can be a scary thing. 

Firstly, don't disturb them, break open their nests and leads or start ripping walls off. This will cause the termites to temporarily vacate their workings in your property thereby making the treatment of the termites more difficult.

If you haven't had a termite inspection or treatment done in the past you need to arrange for a professional pest manager to come and inspect your property. They will provide you with details on how the termite infestation can be managed. You can find a professional pest manager at Property Inspections

If you have had a professional pest manager undertake a termite inspection or treatment to your property it best that you contact them and have them return to your property. As they have been to your property in the past and may have implemented a termite treatment they will have more of an understanding of what may have caused the termite infestation and what actions need to be taken.  It may be a case that a conducive condition at the property, such as the slab edge not being exposed, or a limitation to their treatment such as the inability to put a complete chemical barrier around the house due to paths, has allowed the termites to enter the property.

Until the termites are eliminated from your property you shouldn't undertake any building, renovating or landscaping work, that will disturb them. It is best to let the termites get affected by the treatment that has been undertaken. Your professional pest manager will let you know when the termites have been eliminated. 

Termites can cause considerable damage if left untreated.  It is therefore essential that you always have an annual termite inspection on your property, and if recommended, by your professional pest manager, have a termite treatment undertaken to protect your home. If termites are located in your home you need to organise for a treatment to be carried out immediately.